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The MurrayField Hotel & House

Murrayfield Hotel & House


So, for my first blog I thought long and hard and decided to use my recent experience at the MurrayField Hotel & House

Myself and my partner decided on staying at the hotel for a wedding, so we decided why not go the full hog and stay a full weekend
Having never heard of it we took a chance, bit the bullet and paid the £298.35 and boy I’m glad we did

We arrived on the Friday late check In was 2pm pulled up to a rustic Edinburgh styled building walked through the entrance into a beautiful grey lobby filled with candles and antique looking units
We where greeted by an extremely polite and well-dressed gentleman he checked us in and got organised to take us to our room

But to my surprise he asked us to follow him back outside so without asking I did I’m now following this guy along the main road thinking what the heck is going on

After a moment or two we arrived at this rather large stunning looking building with concrete couches in the front yard

We went through the large secured doors into a spacious lobby and 4 large doors
So now I’m thinking surely, he has made a mistake thinking this building looked way to posh for me

He opened the door and we all entered ….

Poor guy could have tripped over my jaw the room was massive
My eyes darted round the entirety of the room

The super king bed
Full wall length curtains
Floor to roof wardrobe
Mega high mirror
Bowls of fruit
Vogue and GQ magazines
Massive ball chandelier
I was in heaven at this point I wanted the poor guy to disappear to do the number one must do thing in a hotel when you’re with your partner…

Run and jump on the bed

Real mature I know but it’s a must for me

He didn’t leave sadly instead he asked if we wanted to know how to work the tv

Slightly confused I said yeah quickly scanning the room again and yup I was right there wasn’t a tv

Then I heard the click of a button on a remote
And to my shock and delight the tv came on through my extremely large mirror
So, after a few moments of small talk he left I decided to go check the bathroom

Opening the stained-glass door, I was greeting by a large bath and a separate walk in rainfall shower

That was me in my element pondering over if my best friend would forgive me if I never showed at her wedding the next day and I spent all weekend in this room, but my conscience got the better of me

We booked into the hotels restraunt for dinner that evening and couldn’t find fault at all the staff were very welcoming and the food was heaven on a plate and excellent priced

If I wasn’t staying at the hotel I would even just pop in and book a table for dinner

Honestly by far the best hotel I have ever seen and had the pleasure of staying in

If anyone is looking for a fantastic stay at a luxurious affordable place have a look at the Murrayfield Hotel & House





You may be thinking who’s this bitch !

My Names Paul

The first thing you should know about me is I am 100% honest sometimes brutally if I say so myself

I’m 27 years old , Scottish

I could be like your little fairy godmother if your fairy godmother where a little gay ghetto Scottish Lad and extremely fiery

I’m into all sorts of things from technology to male beauty regimes and everything bloggable

So I’m going to start doing doing reviews/blogs on life as I live it and the things I like , oh and I may even fling in a post about cats which I’m obsessed with